Lost the Weight? Here's How to Keep It Off

1. Tipping the scales in your favor


Now that you've reached your feel great weight, how do you maintain that new figure? Here are more smart ways to keep pounds away.

2. Weigh in every Tuesday morning


Don’t let 5 pounds creep on; weigh yourself once a week on the same day at the same time, Richter suggests. If you’re a pound or two up, start keeping a food journal again.

3. Post a "before" photo on the fridge


Never lose sight (literally) of the hard work that went in to your great new body. “Reminding yourself daily what you’ve been ‘fighting’ for will keep you from backsliding into old habits,” Coopersmith says.

4. Focus on why you like being slim


Jot down why it’s so worth it to you to keep up your eating and exercise plans, Beck suggests, then read it to yourself every day. Some examples: I look better. I have more energy. I can wear skinny jeans. I feel in control.

5. Try new recipes


“Mixing it up is important to avoid food boredom, which can lead to healthy-eating lapses,” Richter says.

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